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 Stabby's Guide to Introducing Oneself

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PostSubject: Stabby's Guide to Introducing Oneself   Wed Feb 11, 2015 2:14 am

Hi there, I'm Stabby!

I'm called Stabby because I've got a strange obsession with saying "I will stab you" or "I will stab your face". But don't let the name fool you, I'm actually quite nice.
I am the site creator and head-manager here at Otaku Hangout. I add and delete content, change the backgrounds and banners, buttons and whatever else you may (or may not) see on the forum. So, all in all, I work mostly behind the scenes but pop up every now and then to give the owner of Otaku Hangout, Midg Otaku, a helping hand out in the crowd when needed.
I live in southern Oregon (USA), I'm 21 going on 22, experienced my very first surgery February 3, 2015, and have very scattered thoughts. Most days I am fun, sarcastic, and cheerful, but there's a few off days where you'll just be better off avoiding me and my "I will stab you" quotes.
I'm quite unorthodoxed (so I've been told by many over the years) and enjoy doing things my way; despite that, I am a good team player and can collaborate well.
The majority of my obsessions can be seen through the wallpapers and banners - Bleach, Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, Naruto.. can't say much for that Bloodlad (I think that's Staz's anime) and Death Note (sorry guys) - they're just something I've never had the desire to sit down and watch.
Now, my brief introduction being done, I'd like to give a few ideas to people as far as their own introduction goes.

• Personal information - This includes things like name, age, location, etc.. it's like filling out paperwork only you're not giving us a SS number or telling us about your average monthly income.
• What makes you an Otaku? What Anime(s) are you overly obsessed with? Is it the Anime in general or maybe just a (or a few) specific character(s)?
• Some people can summarize themselves in three words, can you?
• Favorite quote, or maybe a quote or saying you live by?
• Philosophy?
• What do the people who know you best say about you?
• Have any passions? (If they're dark and dirty, you might want to avoid this one)
• Random: What would the movie about your life be called?

Now, the reason this "guide" is up is because I've been working with introductions of other people for a good 6 years now. Since we're all here to make friends and have fun, a good introduction is a great way to start off with getting to know others. The possibilities are endless on how to make a good introduction, and if you need more help, look at what others have said, gather ideas off of them or search the internet. All I ask is that more than a few measly little lines gets tossed into a post - not too much to ask for, right? (Please say I'm right!)

Attack on Titan ♥️ Levi ♥️ Life
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Stabby's Guide to Introducing Oneself
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